Naomi Knights is known for coloring hair from the blondest of blondes – to the craziest of colors – to color so natural you’d never know it was done by the hands of a human. Her work can be seen in numerous fashion and culture magazines such as Vogue, Spin, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, and more.  Color, art, music, fashion, and people are the source of inspiration, paired with the constant desire to share that inspiration through teaching and taking clients. Her love for the collaboration of music and hair has sparked the attention of musicians such as  P!NK, Semi Precious Weapons, Fischerspooner, Sophie and The Boms Boms, LoveFoxxx , and MNDR.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Naomi began her career in her native home of Los Angeles. Feeling the need to get out of her 'small town', she took her passion to London, Paris, and Italy, for continuing education and since that time, has spent 20 years honing her craft in both NYC and LA. After completing her training abroad, Naomi focused strictly on teaching for the first few years. She then settled in NYC, working in the color department of ION studio, teaching and expanding her clientele to include the likes of those in the fashion and music industry, as well as top models in NYC, while still maintaining her initial client base in LA. She began teaching for Davines in 2000, and is now a part of the exclusive Davines Artistic Team.

Naomi now works and primarily resides in LA with her new family, traveling to NYC to take
clients as needed, as well as accepting special guest teaching spots around the country. 


“I work to reveal who we are, not who others perceive us to be.”